Part 2: Behind the Scenes at a Music Video!!

If ya wanna hire any a deez crew peeples, click on ‘em:
Da directa sez day wuz awl wonderfuls.
(listed in order of appearance)
Rich – da star
Mark – da directa
Matt – da tecky guy
Claudia (aka Punchy) – da prodoosa
Greg (aka Precious) – da compoza
Elizabeth – da makeup goil
TJ – da production assassin
Dave da DP
Keith – da gaffa
(deez last two guys wuz too busy ta get interviews, but day wuz awesomes!!!)

if ya want da actors, click da directa he’ll get ya to ’em! Rich can get ya to da band
come back soon and i’ll get ya to da final video when it’s done.

Tanks fa watchin!

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