Tino on a Photo shoot

so my moms was goin on a photo shoot and i aksed if i could come along…turns out i got in the pitchas…she looks kinda…i dunno…proud a me…or is she just makin’ fun?

Tino and Nunzi

there are more pix from the shoot in the gallery.
more coming soon!
photo taken by jazz beitler

Hey, I made the headlines!

Woke up dis mawnin’ to read about


in the papers!

Hey, looky i’m viral…

da guys at mydamnchannel put my promo up on their channel! Woot!

…and thirdly…i hadda make a mock interview

with a potential red carpet guest……dis as you will see, was not easy…

secondly, i had to make a promo for the Streamys…

so i made it take place in Streamywood…that idyllic land where creativity knows no bounds…

i wanna b the red carpet host…why not?

on Monday i decided i’d enter the competition for the Streamy red carpet host. OK, i was a little late – the contest started weeks ago, but worth a shot, right? firstly, i had to tell ’em why i wanted to be the host — and why i should be picked…i called it “girls in small dresses”…

foggettabout dear abby…how ’bout “dear tino”?

so this facebook friend aksed me fa some help in a lil’ situation he had…here’s my response:

i just call this video “whaaaaat?”

seems i had sumpin in common wit dis guy shylock…

i tink he’s kinda misunderstood, if ya ask me.

Just Shakespearin’ around

Mom was workin’ on her shakespeare…da merchant a venice…so i did a coupla monologues…

da mornin’ after

What happens on Valentine’s Day stays on Valentine’s Day…