hair a da dawg??

let’s get dis party started!!

da whole ting in one bite!

OK – figured out how to do dis. facebook lets you put up more than 10 minutes, so here it is in full!

Part 1: Behind the Scenes at a Music Video!!

So dis was excitin”!

i got to go behind da scenes at the Rich Ferguson music video shoot — and i interviewed lotsa peoples who worked on it – and had a great time…watch all the action here!

had to put it in 2 parts cuz youtube doesn’t want more than 10 minutes a video (that is, until they make me into a big shot), so please click below to see the second part – there’s a fun surprise at the end πŸ™‚


Part 2: Behind the Scenes at a Music Video!!

If ya wanna hire any a deez crew peeples, click on β€˜em:
Da directa sez day wuz awl wonderfuls.
(listed in order of appearance)
Rich – da star
Mark – da directa
Matt – da tecky guy
Claudia (aka Punchy) – da prodoosa
Greg (aka Precious) – da compoza
Elizabeth – da makeup goil
TJ – da production assassin
Dave da DP
Keith – da gaffa
(deez last two guys wuz too busy ta get interviews, but day wuz awesomes!!!)

if ya want da actors, click da directa he’ll get ya to ’em! Rich can get ya to da band
come back soon and i’ll get ya to da final video when it’s done.

Tanks fa watchin!

video bloggers week video 5

So i’m still up in arms about the net neutrality thing — and da rest a da net folks is not taking dis lying down neither…

video bloggers week video 4

Hey Guys!Β  I went to a screening party for the new webseries “Ghostfacers” which premiered on Wednesday at — click here to see it!

Lemme tell ya all about it…

i give it 2 paws up.Β  go watch it!Β  deez guys is good.

tino’s vlog #3 for video blogger’s week

Tino tawks about net neutrality.

if you want instructions on how to call your senator or just more information — go here

or you can just call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senator — The FCC can act right now. But they need the political support from the Senate, and the Senate needs to know that you care about this. So call right now and let them know. Especially if your Senator serves on the Commerce Committee (and just so ya know, Californians – Barbara Boxer does serve on it)

and also, if ya look real hard in the background (out the back window), you’ll see a little squirrel is captivated by Tino’s speech (I kid you not!) πŸ˜‰

video bloggers week video 2

so here’s my mini-report from the Streamys central…geez, i’m excited!!!

video bloggers week video 1

so i’m joining another sorta competition – it’s really more like a collaboration. happens every year – it’s called the Video Bloggers Week and you gotta make a vlog a day for the whole week. well, i got off to a late start, cuz you’ll see…we was at the big Streamy party, so i made the tapes, but hadda get my moms offa hangover to put em together and upload…
here’s the first one. like cinderella at the ball…i get ta go ta da party after all…